Luxury Smart Home Automation.

Envision a home with an ultimate operation system to manage everything. 

Envision a world of luxury with effortless control of all the essential needs of your lifestyle.

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A lighting style for every use.


Exceptional style and privacy.


An unrivaled living environment.


Wellness  | Healthier Living

Foster a healthier living environment with cutting-edge technology.

Smart home solutions that purify your spaces and enhance your well-being.

Water Purification | Hydratation

Achieve hydration, healing, and detoxification with contaminant-free water.

  • Install enterprise-grade water purifiers in sinks, baths and showers
  • NSF-certified smart water systems remove lead, arsenic, bacteria and microbes from your Beverly Hills, CA–area water
  • Eliminate cluttered water bottles and backup filters in your home

Air Purification | Hypoallergenic

Craft a hypoallergenic odor-free environment with air purification.

  • Eliminate allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew that pose health risks
  • Vaporize 99.99 percent of particles found in the air and on surfaces
  • Bring outside air in through lock-tight filtration to ensure proper treatment

Climate Control| Your Environment

Elevate your everyday living with advanced control of temperature and humidity.

  • Eliminate allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew that pose health risks
  • Vaporize 99.99 percent of particles found in the air and on surfaces
  • Bring outside air in through lock-tight filtration to ensure proper treatment

Human-Centric Lighting | Emulate

Emulate natural lighting in your spaces to invigorate your health and decor.

  • Neutralize the adverse effects of one-tone light bulbs and fixtures
  • Automated changes mimic the sun’s intensity and hues throughout the day
  • Generate relaxation or focus in your Corona Del Mar, CA home by adjusting your fixtures’ color temperatures

Nature Soundscapes | Acoustic

Acoustic environments utilize natural sounds to improve your overall wellbeing.

  • Leverage your multi-room audio to play natural sounds throughout your home
  • Listen to nature sounds to improve sleep, increase focus and reduce stress
  • Pull up specialized playlists via voice commands, elegant keypads or mobile apps

Wellness Scenes | Custom Scenes

Design custom scenes that transform your mood with a simple button press.

  • Adjust lighting, climate, sounds and more to elicit specific moods
  • Dedicated bathroom scenes recreate a luxurious spa experience
  • Automate scenes for waking up, going to bed or prepping for work

Smart | Security

Home Security is accessed via smartphone.

Now you can protect your home with the latest technology available, access your Security System from anywhere on the planet, control every security aspect of your home from any location, and gain the peace of mind your lifestyle deserves.

Smart Security | Remotely Secure

Powerful Security Systems accessed from anywhere.

  • Remotely greet and let-in guests via mobile app or touchpad
  • Receive alerts, monitor surveillance, and lock doors while away
  • Manage access for dog walkers, property managers, and housekeepers

Surveillance | 4K Cameras

Superior Surveillance systems for the ultimate peace of mind.

  • High-performance cameras offer unrivaled resolution and video analytics
  • Seamlessly pull up live footage from anywhere in the world
  • Exceptional control allows you to easily find and share footage of your Las Vegas, NV property

Remote Access | Reach

Extend the reach of your security with remote access.

  • Monitor your properties from anywhere using a mobile app
  • Arm your system, view surveillance, and lock doors remotely
  • Carefree travel with immediate alerts in case of an emergency

Alarm Systems | Instant Alerts

Advanced Alarm solutions notify you instantly of any threats.

  • Receive real-time alerts if a door is left open or an alarm goes off
  • Enhance your security by integrating lights, surveillance and audio
  • Monitor your properties from a touchpad or mobile app

Entry Systems | Access Control

Protect your property by managing home accessibility.

  • Let people into your Newport Beach or Beverly Hills home using mobile apps, access codes, or door stations
  • The system alerts you of guests through your multi-room audio
  • Screen guests through 2-way video and audio communication

Automated Door Locks | Entrances

Sophisticated smart door locks avoid any potential risks.

  • Replaces traditional keys with mobile apps or access codes
  • Let household staff in remotely or through unique codes
  • Easily review entries with constantly updated security logs

Audio/Video | Entertainment

Enjoy easy access to your favorite entertainment.

Now you can entertain yourself or your guest with a global multi-format system that allows you to switch between media at the touch of the screen, with flawless easy control that delivers that ultimate enjoyable experience.

Home Media | Immerse

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of home entertainment.

  • Pull up streaming, turntables, and digital libraries from one device
  • Reduce clutter by hiding gear in dedicated AV closets
  • Conceal technology with custom mounts and architectural speakers

Multi-Room Music | Home Moods

High-Precision sound played anywhere at any time.

  • Instant access to your music collection at the press of a button
  • Richly detailed music sets the perfect atmosphere for any party
  • In-ceiling, in-wall, and bookshelf speakers blend with décor

High-Performance Audio | Sonic Solutions

Masterful sonic solutions for surround and 2-channel audio.

  • High-fidelity speakers provide commanding power and clarity
  • Calibrate each speaker to the room and your preferences
  • Neutralize ambient noise with custom acoustic treatments

Home Theater | Home Cinema

Experience the best in-home cinema with striking visuals and sound.

  • Enjoy your favorite movies delivered in 4K with superb color accuracy and black levels
  • Exceptionally sharp and lifelike surround sound immerses you in the action
  • Control lights, climate, and AV to create the ideal viewing environment

Outdoor Entertainment | Connect with Nature

Transform your outdoor spaces with high-performance AV.

  • Take your favorite music, movies and sports into your Las Vegas, NV yard
  • High-performance speakers and TVs overcome noise and glare
  • Elegant landscape lighting extends the fun beyond sunset

Video Displays | Best Resolutions

Striking displays offer the best video quality for any application.

  • Experience perfect blacks and perfect vision with OLED technology
  • 4K and 8K displays models available for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Enjoy a vibrant picture no matter where you sit thanks to off axis viewing

Networking | Everything is Interconnected

Envision a system in which all your technology communicates effortlessly.

Private super protected network sinking all your technologies into one powerful system.

Connected Home | Interconnected

A system where all technologies communicate seamlessly and effortlessly.

  • Sophisticated networks streamline connections between AV, remote access services, and more
  • Revitalize your Newport Beach, CA home by enabling all of your technology to work together
  • Bring technology under one device for a refined, luxurious lifestyle

Networking | Interconnected

High-speed reliable network infrastructures ensure a happy and connected family.

  • Easily manage traffic for AV, security, phone, and control systems
  • CAT6 and fiber wiring provide the backbone for today and tomorrow
  • Wired and Wireless connectivity for all the devices throughout your property

Voice Recognition | Voice Commands

A smart home that instantly caters to your needs with a simple voice command.

  • Control lights, AV, and lighting through natural commands
  • Sophisticated AI understands complex commands with ease
  • Incorporate popular services like Amazon Alexa and

Network Security | Protected your Digital Life

Advanced security solutions and networking monitoring.

  • Network firewalls, VPNs, and encryption included in all installations
  • High-performance access points, routers, and switches boost security
  • Remote diagnostic services keep the network running smoothly at all times

WI-FI | The World is Wireless

.Exceptional WI-FI speeds and reliability throughout your expansive home.

  • Expanded bandwidth for high-performance AV, lighting and more
  • Unmatched protection and support for all connected devices
  • Cutting-edge wireless access points extend the signal to your outdoor spaces

Phone Systems | Modernize

Modernize your phone system with the latest connected technologies.

  • Incorporate mobile phones, AV and automation within your system
  • Multi-zone solutions allow for individualized voice mailboxes
  • Fiber optic installations offer greater reliability and speed