Committed to leading in the industry

Safety advancements, workforce training, and customer satisfaction.

We will continue to master new technologies as they develop in our industry and pursue new and emerging markets that are driven by technology.  We pledge to maintain our progressive business philosophies and pursue unique and challenging projects to help build a corporate culture that fosters innovative thinking and strategic action.

We will meet and exceed customer expectations through our full spectrum of electrical design, build and maintenance services, state-of-the-art assets, and completing projects on time and on budget.


Power Up Electric Inc is committed to its role as a leader for change, working to advance safety practices at project job sites and the safety culture within the electrical construction industry as a whole. We are committed to the continued development and sophistication of our own internal safety organization as well as the advancement of safety management, education, and training programs throughout the company.


Customers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers can count on our management and personnel to be reliable and trustworthy at every exchange.

Versatility & Adaptability

As a full-service electrical contractor, Power Up Electric Inc will continue expanding its expertise and resources across all disciplines of electrical construction. We will strive to be in the front rows into new and emerging markets and not shy away from that which is unique and challenging. Changing its always been part of our service innovation values since 1983.


Power Up Electric Inc’s commitment to the communities where we work is that we will continue to give back where needs are the greatest and where our convictions dictate, both corporately and personally.

Leadership & innovation

Power Up Electric Inc is committed to its role as an industry leader and innovator. Customers can rely on us to remain a step ahead of the curve regarding industry safety advancements and workforce professional training and certifications. We apply the latest proven technologies to our projects while setting up the ground floor of industry standards for new and emerging markets.

Customer Service

Power Up Electric Inc is committed to total customer satisfaction. We pledge to meet or exceed customer expectations on every single project.


Power Up Electric Inc recognizes that its greatest asset is its people. We pledge to treat each employee with integrity, dealing honestly with all. We will offer competitive compensation packages and provide the best tools, equipment, and training across each segment of the trade. We will maintain a corporate culture where new ideas and innovative thinking are welcome and rewarded.


Customers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers will be able to count on Power Up Electric Inc management and personnel to deal and adhere to the strictest moral and ethical codes of business conduct and experiences.


Customers and Contractors count on Power Up electric Inc’s technical execution and workmanship to be among the highest quality work in the industry.